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Make industrial automation no longer just for high-end manufacturing, bring intelligent manufacturing to millions of small and medium-sized enterprises around the world


We specialize in designing control panels, collaborating with industry leaders to ensure compliance with UL standards. Our design philosophy prioritizes safety, functionality, and durability, considering factors like heat management and size requirements. Additionally, we expertly fabricate control panels based on detailed client specifications.


Our team of engineering experts specializes in providing precise solutions for control panel challenges. From developing new programs to ensuring compliance with UL standards, we excel in all aspects of mechanical, electrical, and programming tasks.

FLC Empowers Multi-Scenario Energy Saving Applications

FLC empowers multi-scenario energy saving applications


Making Industry Fashionable

Safety and reliability is the core of industrial products, but industrial supplies can also get rid of the stereotype of boredom, so that the machine room is also full of technology and futuristic sense of it!

factory direct

Made in China

Our products are made in China with excellent performance and reasonable price, and all of our parts are produced by Chinese manufacturers, which ensures the simplicity of after-sales work.


24-Hour Global Response

Because our products are sold globally, our service time has to meet the requirements of customers in different countries.

  • 始终如一的专注

    “值得信赖的质量和优质的售后,持续为我们服务了14年” – 程工

  • الاحترافية والصبر

    حتى مع وجود مشكلة في التسنين استمرت لمدة عامين، كنت صبورًا جدًا في تقديم المشورة لنا بشأن مشروعنا ونحن ممتنون جدًا للعمل معك.

  • Professional

    From initial skepticism to overwhelming trust, it is your professionalism that has earned you what you deserve! – Armstrong L.

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